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Media Consultant Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

In addition to representing clients in class actions, mass torts, personal injury claims, I also serve as a media consultant for individuals and organizations to provide knowledgeable legal counsel and public media representation in the midst of a crisis or high-profile cases.

My firm, The Hyman Law Firm P.A., is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and also serves the needs of clients throughout the greater Miami area. When unexpected legal situations arise and require expert guidance, you can turn to me as your source for crisis communications and media relations.

Public Representation in a Crisis

Having an attorney with experience in crisis management and media relations can put you in a stronger position when you need to develop and/or implement an effective media strategy. Even in the event of a high-profile or public matter, my insight and experience can help you take the correct approach when creating an effective public relations message and conveying that message in a persuasive way.

Possessing years of media experience, I can help you or your organization deal with local, state, and national media outlets. Across all forms of media — television, radio, print, or internet — my media relationships can give your message credibility and help you maximize your control over the flow of information and communication to the public and any other stakeholders so that you can minimize potential financial or legal damage.

An Attorney with Media Experience

Use the Media to Work in Your Favor

Even at the very onset of an urgent matter, I can work with you to evaluate the situation, assess the potential scenarios, develop a plan of action, guide you as you build a response team to deal with the issue, and act as your public representative across different forms of media. This will allow you to focus on your response with the confidence that your message is being delivered with purpose and clarity.

I can also work with your current public relations or media team to further enhance your opportunities to refine your media presence and tailor your message to meet your goals. Allowing a highly-trained and experienced attorney to be your public advocate in the media will put you in position to direct the conversation and project a favorable image.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney as a Media Consultant

In the event of a major legal case or an urgent matter requiring you or your organization to present a public message, your best option is to trust a skilled attorney to handle the situation. As an attorney with experience handling the media, I can not only advise you on the best way to navigate a complicated situation but also act as the public face of your organization’s message.

Don’t allow the media to dictate how your situation evolves. I am knowledgeable legal counsel available to help you shape the public narrative. At The Hyman Law Firm P.A., I will work with you to develop an effective media strategy that works in your best interest to maximize your chances of creating the most positive outcome possible. Call or get in touch with my office today to learn more about how I can help your situation.

Media Consultant Attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida

With extensive experience as a practicing attorney and a background of working in the media, I can provide the public relations and crisis management services you or your business need during urgent situations or big court cases. Based out of West Palm Beach, FL and serving clients throughout the greater South Florida area, I am ready to help you create and implement a media presence that is tailored to fit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Call my firm today to learn more about how I can help.