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Overdrafts Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

Banks and credit unions charge all kinds of fees — for making ATM withdrawals, writing too many checks or transferring money between accounts too many times within a given month, and the all-too-common overdraft fee.

Understanding Overdraft Fees

An overdraft fee is a charge you face when a payment or withdrawal from your bank or credit union account exceeds the balance you have available, and they cover the difference of the transaction as part of an overdraft protection service. But in addition to covering the difference, the bank or credit union then charges you a fee.

Excessive Overdraft Fees

Many banks and credit unions have faced allegations of fraudulent practices in charging customers excessive overdraft fees. Some of these accusations have included the misrepresentation of their policy and the customer’s account balances, allowing them to collect excessive fees.

Tired of Big Banks
Taking Advantage of You?

Take Action Against Excessive Bank or Credit Union Fees

To fight back against the bank's or credit union's unwarranted behavior, some customers have filed lawsuits to combat this kind of misconduct. While it may seem impossible to win a case against a big corporation, having an experienced attorney on your side is your best chance at a favorable outcome.

Bank Overdraft Fee Class Actions

Because individual claims cost more to pursue than an individual customer could hope to recover, many who have faced similar mistreatment by their financial institution have the opportunity to band together in a class action to seek recovery. Pursuing a class-action lawsuit with the help of an attorney not only allows more people the opportunity to reach a fair resolution, but it can also save time and money while asserting a stronger case.

Banks & Credit Unions

The Hyman Law Firm P.A. has helped clients stand up for their rights and fight for justice in cases like these. Please contact The Hyman Law Firm, P.A. today if you have paid overdraft fees at any bank or credit union.

If you suspect that you've been the victim of such unfair practices related to overdraft fees, you need an experienced attorney to represent you and that can help you understand your consumer rights and available options. Be sure to reach out for legal assistance if you've had to:

● Pay “extended” or “continuous” overdraft fees.

● Pay overdraft or Insufficient fund fees on service fees.

● Paid overdraft fees when your account was positive.

If you believe that you've been a victim of excessive overdraft fees, contact The Hyman Law Firm, P.A. to evaluate your potential case with a free consultation.

The Hyman Law Firm, P. A. is well versed in this area of law and will fight for its clients. Please call today for a free consultation.

Advocating For Your Rights

While regulations have been passed to require banks to give their customers a choice over whether to incur overdraft fees or have a transaction declined, overdraft practices are still full of confusing terms and hidden costs. If you have questions about your rights or feel you need representation against a bank as a victim of deceptive practices, don't wait to reach out for legal guidance and support. As an experienced overdraft attorney, I'm here for you. Contact me today for a free consultation.